UPDATE: We won our lawsuit against Life Ionizer but unfortunately they have yet to pay the judgement.

Over the years, GreenSmoothieGirl has promoted Life Ionizer / Influence Water alkaline water machines and whole-home filtration systems.

Recently, their customers have reported extreme difficulties in receiving ionizers, whole-home systems, and replacement filters in a timely way, and in receiving refunds.

For this reason, GreenSmoothieGirl can no longer recommend purchasing from Life Ionizer.

Please see the attached complaint filed by GreenSmoothieGirl against AWI. This matter is currently being litigated. Once it is resolved, we will post the court’s order.

Complaint PDF

Please contact us for an alternative we have found to purchase replacement filters for your Influence Water or Life Ionizer ionizer.

We will post updates here as we have them.



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