Enjoy Clean, Healthy Water in Your Home

Influence Water ionizers take your tap water and turn it into pure, antioxidant-rich, alkalizing water at the push of a button. 

Ionized alkaline water from Influence Water is more refreshing than tap water—and it tastes smooth, silky, and slightly sweet. Like water fresh from a glacier. You’ll be impressed!

Which Water Ionizer Should You Choose? 

Counter top or under counter? You can choose a water ionizer that sits on your counter next to your kitchen sink or one that fits under your kitchen counter to save you space. You'll find both options below. 

How many plates? Ionizer plates are how your tap water is transformed. The name of each water ionizer tells you how many plates each one has. From 5 plates to 15 plates, we have options for every budget. More plates = more antioxidants and more health-boosting potential.  

All Influence Water ionizers are made with high-quality, advanced features to give you the healthiest water possible.

Counter Top Water Ionizers (Alkaline Water Machines)

Each counter top water ionizer sits next to your kitchen sink and connects to your water. 

Under Counter Water Ionizers (Alkaline Water Machines)

Each under counter water ionizer conveniently fits under your counter. The only thing you see is a beautiful faucet connected to your kitchen sink.

No matter what alkaline water machine you choose for your home, you can expect pure, delicious water with anti-aging, health-protecting, and disease-fighting benefits.

Take control of your health with clean, healthy water. Order your Influence Water ionizer today!